My Story

Hello, I am Linda Ketter. I am a successful Master Trainer of horses and instructor to many clients of all ages and disciplines. I have been working and competing in the business for over 50+ years.

I have been first educated by old timers who had a great insight and common sense with some very tough horses.This background knowledge today has given a great momentum and effective value to what I learned and use in my work today. I contribute this knowledge to the learning and insight of horses.The experience I gained from them has formed the basis of my own training philosophy and techniques, something I’m convinced many current trainers have never had exposure to.

I spent many years as a professional starting and schooling young horses and developing and coaching riders of all levels, skills and backgrounds.

I have had the opportunity to train and ride with National Level coaches and clinicians, which contributed to my success training and competing in many disciplines, including Track Racing, Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Eventing, Western/English Pleasure and Endurance. I have also had the satisfaction of teaching winning techniques to others in Barrel racing, Gymkhana events, as well as training safe, sane, and certified “Search & Rescue” horses for the County Sheriff’s Department.(Thus giving them the solid minded horses needed to do their work effectively).

I personally qualified for the Goodwill Games, rode in a variety of championships, and rode as a circuit catch rider with a myriad of wins. I qualified many riders and their horses for World, and turned out winning horses on the race track. I have worked with many difficult, problem horses to achieve their full potential as a performance mount, or just a well-mannered, well-trained horse for their non-competitive owners to love and enjoy!

I feel very fortunate to have had a lifetime of working with horses and their owners. Somewhere in my life- my overcoming of these difficult horses and my love for them has been one of God’s greatest gifts given to me. He has given me an ability to assist in making great riders and great horses!

I have often ended up with horses other Trainers have labeled difficult or dangerous, that are on their way to becoming “throw-away” horses.These are the horses that trainers oftentimes feel are not worth their time.This is the type of horse that needs a type of posturing that is more individualized, many times this different approach is not easily figured out by even seasoned horseman. Learning this specific type of work, you then develop a trust level, allowing horses to develop and become horses of great worth!
I have many clients who are repeat customers, who have entrusted multiple horses to me over the years. I am a proven producer of well trained, well-mannered and safe horses that owners value and enjoy. I continue to enjoy instructing and coaching students of all ages to help them accomplish their goals, and share their delight in our common interest and every aspect of horse ownership.

I want you to always keep in mind YOU are an individual, and you learn YOUR way. Always remember your horse is an individual as well. I can help you find the right techniques or refine your current knowledge of horsemanship for the specific discipline you are focused on. This is where Correction Connection Wa can help… Develop your working or winning edge with your horse TODAY!

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