Horseback Riding Lessons in Washington

Correction Connection is the premier source for horseback riding lessons and training in Washington. We work with all types of horses and riders across all disciplines, bringing extensive experience and exceptional balance to every lesson. Our goal is to help you and your horse meet your goals, and foster a balanced, healthy relationship!

Instructor Linda Ketter specializes in centered riding instruction which fosters a number of benefits for horses and riders across disciplines. Finding center can benefit your riding in many ways including:

  • Learn to achieve true balance, proper impulsion, self-carriage and fluidity of communication and movement in your dressage riding when you and your horse find center together.
  • Develop a smooth, properly forward, and adjustable gait, as well as a pleasant, willing jump perfect for the hunter/jumper rings.
  • A balanced horse is a brave horse! As an event rider you will learn to improve communication with your horse, fostering a better connection in dressage; a clean, forward ride in stadium, and a brave, willing partner cross-country.
  • And many other benefits for western pleasure, english pleasure, trail riding, track horses, barrel racers, and more!

Instructor Linda Ketter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every lesson. With over 45 years of experience, Linda has been riding and training in a variety of disciplines including dressage, hunter/jumpers, eventing, western pleasure, endurance, and track horses. Through her extensive experience with horses and riders of all levels, Linda has discovered that regardless of discipline, when you find center, you find the athlete your horse was born to be.

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Having proper body positioning plays a huge role in developing honesty and the outcome of the hunter horse.

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This demonstrates nice centered riding, a strong approach, and direct line while staying on center.


This demonstrates a falling of the inside ribcage, loss of horses’ hindquarters, and an overall loss of center and impulsion.


Learning the techniques of center will give those running barrels the edge to earning a winning time!

Mobile Riding Instructor in Washington

Linda is available to travel for group or private riding lessons and clinics at your facility. We train both seasoned, competitive riders, brand new riders and everyday riders who simply want a smoother experience with their horse. Every horse and rider team, regardless of level or discipline, can benefit from Linda’s techniques. With Correction Connection WA, it’s all about finding center, and creating a happier, healthier riding experience for both you and your horse.

Centered Riding Instruction in Washington

At Correction Connection our mission is to bring the Art of the Ride© to each and every rider. We want our students to truly enjoy their experience while furthering their horsemanship skills. We look forward to the opportunity to educate our students from the ground up!

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