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No matter where you’re located, or what discipline you ride, Correction Connection WA can help you and your horse find center and achieve a balanced partnership. Experienced rider and instructor Linda Ketter offers this unique service through with private online horseback riding lessons and video ride analysis in Washington and beyond.

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How Online Riding Lessons Work

Your online riding lesson is completely tailored to you and your horse, and involves a personalized, frame-by-frame instructional critique of your ride. Simply submit up to a 30 minute video of your ride and upload it to YouTube. Provide Correction Connection with the link, and we will set up a screen-sharing program to walk through each frame of the video with you.

Online riding lessons with in-depth coaching and video analysis give you and your horse a unique edge as it allows you to see your ride through an instructor’s eyes. Seeing your own ride and the way your horse reacts and responds to both mistakes and corrections is an invaluable tool for any rider, and one that the professionals across many disciplines from dressage to hunter/jumpers, equitation to western pleasure and beyond.

Online lessons are typically 45-60 minutes. The cost is $65 per individual lesson or $500 for a series of eight lessons. Lessons include a written, e-mailed analysis of your ride with suggested exercises to practice in between sessions as well as a Skype or phone conference to discuss your ride in detail.

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This demonstrates incorrect biting which will result in a stiff, rigid jaw, neck, and back.

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The above horse is currently in a training program with Linda Ketter/ owner Maureen Farren. A mouth that is soft, supple and receptive allows horse and rider to both benefit from the communication.


This demonstrates a loss of center. This horse has a dropped ribcage and is hollow through its back and neck.


When correct center is evident the horse remains upright and develops drive, elasticity, and impulsion.

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“I want great success for you and your horse. I will do all I can to help you address both your needs and the needs of your horse. I look forward to our work, so let’s get started!” – Linda Ketter

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Please Note: At Correction Connection WA, you must do your part to make great strides happen. No refunds are offered, and neither Correction Connection WA nor Linda Ketter take responsibility for injury or damage to any person, horse or property. All training suggestions are to be taken at your own risk, and responsible decisions are expected in order to achieve a positive outcome.