In-Person and Online Riding Lessons in Washington

Correction Connection is the premier source for horse riding training in Washington. We work with all types of horses and riders, bringing extensive experience to every lesson. Our goal is to help you meet yours! We offer the following services to meet all your horse training needs:

  • In-person lessons: Correction Connection provides both group and private in-person riding lessons. We will travel to your farm, ranch or stable for lessons or clinics. We train seasoned riders, brand new riders, or the everyday rider who simply wants a smoother experience with their horse. We train western, English, hunters/jumpers, dressage, trail/pleasure, event, barrel and track horses. Our specialties include dressage and hunter/jumper horses.
  • Online lessons: Correction Connection offers a unique experience with private online horseback riding lessons in Washington. This is a personalized, frame-by-frame instruction and coaching of you and your horse. Simply video your ride and upload it to YouTube. Provide Correction Connection with the link, and we will set up a screen-sharing program to walk through the video with you. This allows you to see your own mistakes, something you can’t get with in-person training. Online lessons are typically 45-60 minutes. Cost is $65 per individual lesson or $500 for a series of eight lessons.
  • Conference-call sessions: Every Wednesday, Correction Connection offers a free conference call session with your personal horse riding coach in Washington. This 6-7:30pm session is open to all. Join us for this informative question and answer session.

Correction Connection has the mission to bring the art of the ride to each and every rider. We want our students to learn to connect with their horse, strengthen their horsemanship skills, and further their enjoyment for riding. We also offer additional helpful tips and information on our blog. Watch for new posts each week. Our mission is to help riders of all skill levels improve their horse experience and enhance their enjoyment of this sport. We hope to help you love it as much as we do!

Contact us today to schedule your next lesson at 253-278-1157. Get a free lesson for referring three friends who make an appointment!