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Psycho- cybernetics- This is what your subconscious mind and the posturing of your horses mind is tuned in to believe.
This development is for both horse and rider. This technique is useful and valuable for communication from rider to horse, and horse to rider since the correlation of the riders mind is key to the outcome of what you get out of your horse.
I tune into your awareness to produce a visualization and positive approach to your winning goals. It all starts with knowing what and where you and your horse need to develop- what aspects of his capabilities will be developed, therefore bringing out the best of his abilities as an athlete.
Mind and body Development is where we make the biggest changes in your winning edge.
In this training phase with your horse, it is imperative to be steadfast in what I refer to as posturing. The term, is know as Psycho- cybernetics I  learned  it’s importance as well as the application many years ago. Winning and corrections must take place in the mind, a conditioning that eventually brings success of outward expression. This is the fruit of what you are trying to accomplish!

I realized how important this training was and how posturing change the game for many of the horses I trained and riders I worked with.  I trained horses that had many different types of  problems. Not only was I using a positive mind and body connection in the sub conscious of my riders and their horses, but to help them engage and have the timing of consciousness with horses at all times and in unexpected events.
Firm aids in the very beginning, verbal correctness, and timing in the positioning brings clarity to the horse. later nothing more than a pick up of a rein or fluff correction under the rib cage. I want to be very clear, I don’t like riders sea-sawing the mouth nor the Pulling hands down or abruptly side ways, this will only bring on negative response on a horse that has just developed security in his new mouth. (Example) when someone pushes you, your reaction would be to push back. If I push down in a uncomfortable position, naturally they would pull up moving away from the hurt.)
I have through many years of training and instructing used posturing. This SELF correction is used in different areas of training allowing me to be kind and soft, yet firm as I develop the horse. In saying this, these types of correction must first be instilled in your mind, a conditioning that is on auto response that will transfer to your horse. In this type of response I receive great respect and communication between myself and my horse. If the discipline is clear and my posturing is assertive, then the expectations you desire will now be your strength.
I have used Psycho-cybernetics in developing a technique for difficult horses, most of the time riders that has not yet learned communicating skills of mind and body to get the results they are looking for. Developing the sub-conscious of the rider to engage and have the timing of consciousness with horses, they then have a learned behavior that comes through when you need it most. (Example 1) ( A mare showing her baby to observe her actions and her response) The foal is in training by the mare to be in conscious condition when the moment arises and requires an immediate response.
When mental disconnects or mental distraction occurred- I have utilized this knowledge to correct and connect   which equals mind and body to horse and rider that that now work as one. I have overcome many difficult horses with a variety of issues by this internalized training of both mind and body. I have taken students that have competition fears and taught this techniques and how to overcome fears and win. I refer to it as learning the ART of the RIDE…Your chance is here! Visit www.Correctionconnectionwa.com! It is available for visualization training online with your horse. Frame by frame I will enhance your learning experience, level the playing field for your horse to learn and overcome fear and frustrations. Come get started Today!
well as the mindset of mind and body horse and rider otherwise known as Psycho- Cybernetics

By Linda Ketter


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