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No Matter What Discipline You Ride, when You Find Center, You Find the Athlete Your Horse Was Born to Be.©
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Get Centered with Personalized Training for All Disciplines.
Key Tidbits that will help with your ride. ( Discipline addressed today: Dressage)
Watch each week for new Tidbits and training tips all Disciplines will be used.

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It’s important to enjoy the process as much as the performance, When riding a well executed dressage test It takes hours, even years to develop horses who are moving up through the levels.

We are in constant development of supplying, bending, regulating, framing your horse so that the following correction can make the difference in your quality of your ride.

A rythmatic horse and it’s executed expression is the Key to a well ridden test.
Most competitors at the lower levels tend to ride too slow, not enough forward motion and too cautious. Not to discount the word CAUTIOUS but when it effects the life and essence of expression in your ride you will find that it will affect the overall ride. This will decrease your outcome of quality in gait as well as your overall score.
Words of encouragement; Remember this… LIFE,LIGHT and EXPRESSION of gait is your key to the appeal while holding judges interest.
This is your key tip today!

All the best Linda Ketter
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Any questions I might help with Please contact me, feel free to post for some tips I might address that may help others.

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