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What is Extreme Mountain Trail?

Can I take part in it?

Levels of horse to take part?

What are they judging on?

the BRAVE & BOLD Extreme Mt. Trail Clinic NOV 17th 2018 at
Blue Diamond Ranch.

These may be a few questions in the back of your mind. Extreme Mountain Trail and Mountain Trail
horse competitions are those who want to develop the ideal trail horse. All skill levels can participate.
The judging is based on both horse and rider, and are judged on the willingness and ability to assess and navigate
through new obstacles using their skills in a safe manner.

The best mountain trail horses are trusting, balanced, bold, and confident. They are horses that think their
way through difficult obstacles and situations, putting the direction and trust in their riders ability to move
them through the designated course.

Types of obstacles that may be used on course; Water Crossing, Mail Box, Back through, ditch, tires,
logs, rail work, mount, dismount, barrels, streamers, rocks, rails- raised and flat, lead, stand, bridge,
planks, jump, ring of fire, etc.

Trail and obstacles are NOT new to the Equine world. For years many of the Breed Associations
such as AQHA, APHA, PTHA, APHC, AHA, etc. have offered trail classes in there standard entries for

The nice feature of the Extreme Trail, as it has peeked the interest of bringing the rider out of the show ring
and out into the atmosphere of the open. In my opinion, is a great opportunity for riders and horses that
has been a long time needed. I have felt for years in this industry that horse owners need to use their
horses, need to enjoy them, and put them to work!

This is very appealing to many riders who have been in the show ring for years, as well as a further
development of those who love to ride the trails and want to develop a more trustworthy horse.

The Extreme Trail and Mountain Trail horse offers great opportunity to develop movements that otherwise
might not get your direct attention. By offering opportunities to navigate and position your horse through
back-through, side passes, balance positions and alternative obstacles that require a calm but trusting
mind set. Alternatively, this is your opportunity to develop more into what you desire in your horse. Ultimately it
makes the horse more enjoyable and that trail partner you have always wanted and desired the horse to be!

I have for many years developed the inside trail horse, but found the success of winning horses for myself
as well as many of my client’s horses using my systematic and established training methods in cross
training. I have had great success with my horses of all disciplines because of a wide exposure and
association, giving them opportunities for distractions all around. This has made better minded horses.
I have never developed my training horses by using only inside arena and rail training. Remember where
there are no expectations for you or your horse, there is no growth. And if you are willing to move out of your
comfort zone, then you will have growth in your horsemanship abilities.

I am excited to share some techniques- helping you develop your horses training, making him the
reliable mount you will enjoy for years to come. Get registered today So I might help you with areas of
your riding you may be struggling with, or just new ideas to move you to the next level.

I’m Linda Ketter- 50 years of success with good horses and many difficult and problem horses. Come
join us for the BRAVE & BOLD Extreme Mt. Trail Clinic NOV 17th 2018 at
Blue Diamond Ranch.
Get Registered TODAY space is filling up fast!
CALL 253-255-5673
“When you find center you find the Athlete your horse was born to be”
– Quote (TM) by Linda Ketter

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