January 24, 2019

Wish I had found her years ago

"It took me 13 years to finally find Linda. My horse and I have never been happier; he is happy to learn and grow and I feel my confidence and understanding in the art of riding has grown immensely. She breaks things down so you not only understand what you're doing but why. There's never a dumb question if I need to get clarification on why we are doing something. I trust in the process and her decades of experience. I have learned a great deal about horse's body mechanics and giving the horse a chance to figure out what you are asking, as opposed to a rushed process of training I have been used to in the years past. I truly wish there were more like her as she bridges the gap between horses and humans. My horse trusts me so much more and we have fixed many issues."
January 4, 2019

Stable to the ring

"From the stables to the ring perfection is what Linda strives for. No matter the lesson it's important to have success in each lesson to reach your goal in the show ring. Linda works very hard to help you find your success in every lesson. Linda always has a push for the positive, I really like her technique. I wish you the best."
January 4, 2019

all the difference

"I am an experienced rider. I have taken lessons for quite some time, and I was introduced to Linda and her techniques that proved to be very effective with my horse Arrow. My horse has been a very strong assertive horse making it very difficult to keep him settled on course. I really was impressed with how fast she was able to change his mental process that made him stay on course and find his rhythm and consistency. I really highly recommend Linda for lessons, you will find yourself leaving with a feeling of accomplishment at it's end."
January 4, 2019

"I learned about Linda when I acquired Harley, my new horse. The previous owner told me that Linda had trained Harley, and would be able to teach me all about him. After about two weeks of settling in, and wondering if I had made a mistake buying Harley, Linda came and my concerns are gone. Today I had a two hour lesson, and as soon as Harley saw her, he relaxed. He had all the confidence in the world the minute she showed up, and that confidence extended to me. I think, after another few weeks of working with Linda, Harley and I will be a great team!"
January 4, 2019

"I had my second lesson with Linda today. She was very perceptive from the get go. Showing me how to motivate my horse forward while keeping him light & relaxed and happy to work. On the lounge she had him moving better than I've ever seen him go. She is a kind & patient instructor but will challenge you to ride your best."