April 2, 2017

"Linda Ketter is an amazing horse trainer. She is kind persistent, passionate about equine welfare, and does what is right for the horse. Linda spends time "observing" the horse free in pasture as well as in hand, on the line and under saddle. She really takes the time to study the horse’s behavior. She has the extraordinary ability to emotionally transform horses suffering from deep psychological wounds. First I would share an interesting story of a gelding that suffered a tongue injury when an untrained persons tried to "break him". His tongue was nearly cut off. He has a heart of gold and not a mean bone in his body, but he had head and trust issues. Linda worked with him and today he is my trusted partner, we have ridden many miles together, been a part of the search and rescue team throughout the Northwest. He will go anywhere, approach any situation with a complete trust in you. I have no doubt that if Linda had not worked with him he would have ended up in an auction or perhaps slaughter yard. Linda, is an exceptional person, she has the ability to understand the dynamics of animal learning, and she can "read a horse". Her blend of training, experience, and the love of horses results in better performance, better attitude, better all-around everything for both horse and rider!"
April 1, 2017

"I have run barrel horses for 8 years with some success, but I have needed to have someone evaluate my rides so I might find my edge to better my times. Linda set up a time and went on to share some important ideas that would make a horse pick up better times. Her take is no matter what discipline you ride there is a center and a position you ride that allows the horse to give you the best performance he can. I would encourage you at no matter what you want to do, you will certainly perform better with some knowledge Linda can give you."
April 1, 2017

"I have learned and ride two disciplines, Western and Dressage, I enjoy both. Linda is knowledgeable, supportive and very helpful, encourages you when sometimes you feel you are not quite with your ride that day. I now am learning to move up the levels which require more time in the saddle. Having spent quality time around Linda and her work, I realize just how different each horse is and the way you can bring that horse around to get positive results. Linda has a way of coaching and leaving an impression through examples and analogies meant to leave you thinking."
April 1, 2017

"Linda Ketter was my trainer for three of my horses as well as my riding instructor. She is one of those rare equestrians who can read a horse with a deep understanding. Linda is able to come up with ways that allow teaching through self-correction and kindness getting results with a minimum of effort. All of my horses learned quickly and loved her. I bought Anglo Arab, that wasn’t broke, he was scared of everything. He couldn't decide if he was afraid of his tail or the saddle. As he would look around at the saddle he would clamp his tail and run into the nearest wall and knock himself out. To say the least he started with some real mental issues, turned him around to be a qualifier for the Goodwill Games, what an accomplishment for a horse who was such mental case from the start. Linda will stay with a lesson until it reaches a point that feels like a success for both horse and rider. I have learned and enjoyed her work for a long time. I am certain you will too!"
March 30, 2017

"My daughter took Dressage lessons with Linda Ketter while being an active competitor with her 4 H club. That is when I learned about Linda and her methods for training horses. I have trained several horses for other people myself, I too have experience with young and untrained horses. I'm always willing to learn something different, that is exactly what I learned from Linda. She is very gentle in her style of training, yet very effective. I learned that lounging is an art, not used to wear out the horse, instead it is the very foundation to gain their balance and more importantly respect in a safe manner. I have enjoyed taking lessons from Linda and will likely take more when I finally free up some time to do so."