October 23, 2018

"I had my very first riding lesson with Linda today. Not only was she very relatable and friendly, but she is extremely knowledgeable. She was patient and went over things step by step, sometimes numerous times until I got it. She answered all my questions and has already helped bolster my confidence. I would recommend if you are just learning to ride to see her! She is a gem!"
October 23, 2018

Great lessons!

"I have been working with Linda for over 10 years. She’s trained my warmblood, Wild mustang filly and now currently giving lessons to my young son. Would highly recommend! "
March 29, 2018

Working Together

"I consider myself a professional level reader on horses; I'm also 54 yr old novice rider. The problem is not the knowledge as it is the piecing together of what I have read. Linda taught her techniques to both Freja (my Frederiksborg mare) and to me. Over the last 7 lessons, we have both grown wonderfully. I look forward to the lesson and her expertise. After each lesson, we, Freja and I, have very specific goals to work on that I understand. It has been a really good experience for both of us. "
August 24, 2017

"I want to thank you for having such patience and understanding for me and my horse. Im sure it was hard somtimes.i learned so much and jack is such a better all around horse thanx to you. Its not a chore anymore to ride him.i love and enjoy him so much now, hes like a diffrent horse. I just wanted to say thanx for making learning fun and easy for me."
August 17, 2017

A greater understanding

"I have learned and rode two disciplines, Western and Dressage, I enjoy both. Western allows me to ride out on the trails relaxed, while the Dressage allows me to define the more finish work that is required of me and my horse. Linda is Knowledgeable,supportive and very helpful, encourages you when sometimes you feel you are not quite with your ride that day. I now am learning to move up the levels which require more time in the saddle. Having spent quality time around Linda and her work, I realize just how different each horse is and the way you can bring that horse around to get positive results. Linda has a way of coaching and leaving an impression through examples and analogies meant to leave you thinking. "